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Retrospective:   Sold Paintings, Sculpture and Artist Books

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Show Announcements (page 2)


American Primitive, NYC, 2000, solo show

Ad in Raw Vision,American Primitive, NYC, 1998, solo show


Solo at American Primitive Gallery, NYC

full page ad in Raw Vision, for Show at Am. Primitive, NYC


G Gibson Gallery, 2000,  Gallery Guide Seattle

Rice/Polak Gallery, Provincetown, MA, 2001


Show with Keith Carter at G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle Gallery Guide, 2000

Rice/Polak Gallery. Provincetown, MA, 2001



American Primitive, NY Times, 2001

Book: Found Objects Art, 2001


Larry’s sculpture in NY Times Article, August 2001

Included in coffee table Book “Found Object Art”, Schiffer Publ.


American Primitive, NYC, 2002, solo show



Solo Show at American Primitive Gallery, NYC



G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle, solo 2003 card

G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle 2003, Gallery Guide      


Solo show at G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle






 Seattle Times, “Hot Ticket” Solo at G. Gibson Gallery

 group show at G.Gibson Gallery


G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle, solo 2004 card

Book Cover Art: Curious Conduct 2004


Solo at G. Gibson Gallery

Cover art for Curious Conduct, (Poetry), painting from 1998


G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle, grp  2005 card

Rice/Polak Gallery, Provincetown, MA, 2005


group show at G. Gibson Gallery

Rice/Polak Gallery, Provincetown, MA



American Primitive, NYC, 2006, solo show (books)

“bridge Art Fair”, Miami, FL  with Rice/Polak Gallery, 2006


Solo featuring artists books at American Primitive, NYC

“bridge Art Fair”, Miami, FL  with Rice/Polak Gallery



Rice/Polak Gallery, Provincetown, MA, 2009 feature

G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle, 2011, 2 person


Rice/Polak Gallery, Provincetown, MA

 G. Gibson Gallery, 2 person show, Jan 2011


Rice/Polak Gallery, Provincetown, MA,, 2011

Seattle Design Center, Chair Project 2011, with Tyler Engle, arch.itect


Rice/Polak Gallery, Provincetown, MA

Seattle Design Center, Chair Project, with Tyler Engle, arch.


Grover/Thurston Gallery, Seattle, May & June, 2013

Rice/Polak Gallery, Provincetown, MA,, 2013


Grover/Thurston Gallery, Seattle, May & June; Facebook announcement

Rice Polak Gallery, Provincetown, MA

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