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When I start an accordion book piece I usually gather several pieces of paper with drawings or collages that I have lying around in the studio and start gluing them together, letting chance dictate how the story develops.
After the pages are glued and the long strip is laid out I start looking for associations and intuitively begin filling in the gaps with more drawings, collage and color.

Many of the techniques from other classes will come into play here, drawing, collage, draw-through monotype and painting as well as poetry or word pieces.
Think of it as a puzzle with no wrong solution.

Bring 10 to 15 more or less random pieces of art on paper (drawing, painting, collage), begin assembling the pages or mark their sequence, and work on a unifying subtext by adding color, drawings, collage, photo transfer or monotype draw-through. This will begin to set a tone for your book.

Other materials: bring extra paper, ephemera or imagery useful for collage work, paint, brushes, ink, pens, glue, scissors etc.


Beginning in October we ask for a $5 contribution towards the heating cost.

These are individual classes:


Nov 14, 10 – 4 at my studio, fee $90; min 2 participants

Nov 30, 10 – 4 at my studio, fee $90; min 2 participants



Please contact us HERE to sign up or if you have questions.


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