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In this workshop you will learn to create amulets, rings, chains, pendants, even tiaras from unusual and unexpected materials.

Use found materials such as rusted wire, metal, old photos, string, wax, wood, rocks or shells that you collected on the beach, tiny doll parts, or beads you created beforehand, and anything else you have lying around.

You will learn basic light brazing techniques on steel wire with brass rods.

Examples will be provided as well as basic materials and tools.
Please bring a sketchbook or paper for drawing ideas – or bring your completed sketches.

See Examples of Larry’s rustic jewelry at our new calkinsART Store HERE


Beginning in October we ask for a $5 contribution towards the heating cost.


The following are individual workshops at Larry’s studio:

 Nov 23, (Friday) 10 – 4, $90; min 2 participants

Dec 11, (Wednesday) 10 – 4, $90; min 2 participants


Please contact us HERE to sign  up or if you have questions.


Steampunk Necklace,l 2013

Steampunk Necklace, 2013


"Key to the Bird House". Fall 2013

“Key to the Bird House”. Fall 2013


Larry's rustic jewelry

Larry’s rustic jewelry


Larry demonstrating during a rustic jewelry workshop, 2012

Larry demonstrating during a rustic jewelry workshop, 2012


Jane Wherry's rustic necklace, 2012

Jane Wherry’s rustic necklace, 2012


Alisa Lahti's rustic necklace, 2012

Alisa Lahti’s rustic necklace, 2012


Wendy Polidori's rustic necklace, 2012

Wendy Polidori’s rustic necklace, 2012



Colleen Monette's necklace, Sept 2013

Colleen Monette’s necklace, Sept 2013


(photos used with permission)