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And why is it so popular?

The one art expression that we all know and take for granted.

The easiest to make? The easiest to dismiss?

But is it? Collage was introduce to the world of mainstream art in the early 1900s by Picasso of all people and baffled the intelligentsia.

It quickly spread to the surrealist and the dadaist movements and became the signature of low brow and high brow artists alike.

But why? Probably the best answer is the ease in which an idea can be expressed. Slapping down two disparate images on a piece of paper instantly creates tension and dialogue. Add a third picture and the intrigue grows. Add more elements and a story develops.

In the hands of a creative mind the collage can express complex ideas and thoughtful mysteries.

Of course this is not always the case. Uninspired instructors can get away without having to really teach and the result is usually not satisfactory which is typically the case – as you might recall – in junior high art class.

But creating collages can be the most amazing form of expression I know. Look at the art of Kurt Schwitters for example, his work is so pure and succinct. Every piece of paper applied with great care and thought.

Or Max Ernst. Just two or three elements but the result is a strange and compelling form of visual poetry.


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collage - mama

collage – mama


collage - look for the leaf on the package

collage – look for the leaf on the package





Examples created by Larry Calkins, 2012